The 18th International and Polish Conference of Onomastics: “Microtoponymy and Macrotoponymy”

Lodz, Poland, 27-29 October 2012

Information about the conference can be viewed at:

The conference organizers are expecting presentations covering diverse topics related to the naming of objects, which have been given the name in the system of micro- or macrotoponymy in a formal or informal way.

The congress will be an interdisciplinary forum for scientific discussion. The conference themes include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • determining the scope of micro- and macrotoponymy;
  • determinants of micro- and macrotoponymy and terminological issues;
  • typological classification of micro- and macrotoponyms based on a set of systematizing criteria;
  • territorial and interterritorial resources of micro- and macrotoponymy;
  • analysis of lexical units and components of micro- and macrotoponymic units from the name creating perspective in the appellative word formation process;
  • motivational relations between micro- and macrotoponyms and their designata (motivational-semantic categorization);
  • formal linguistic aspect of micro- and macrotoponymy;
  • functions of micro- and macrotoponyms (cultural, pragmatic, linguistic, communicative categorization);
  • dialectological perspective of microtoponymy (regional and dialectological features);
  • micro- and macrotoponymy in the lexicography;
  • micro- and macrotoponymy from the literary onomastics perspective;
  • micro- and macrotoponymy and other proper names;
  • comparative studies of micro- and macrotoponyms;
  • historical micro- and macrotoponymy;
  • dynamics of diachronic and synchronic alteration in micro- and macrotoponyms (changes and standardization);
  • relations between micro- and macrotoponymy from the social, cultural and historical point of view;
  • functioning of micro- and macrotoponyms in the context of a particular discourse, text, spoken language, transcription, intertextual references;
  • legal and administrative issues related to micro- and macrotoponymy;
  • geographic and cartographic problems of micro- and macrotoponymy;
  • neomicrotoponymy and neomacrotoponymy;

It is our hope new research data would be shared and will confirm the importance, diversity and plurality of micro-and macrotoponymy as a resource embedded in a specific cultural environment, an environment that sometimes goes beyond the traditional approach to the study of place names. A multidisciplinary approach to the formal and pragmatic nature of micro- and macrotoponyms, according to the organizers, will add to the current body of research and might lead to systematizing the oiconyms and the names of uninhabited areas.

The congress is addressed to professionals in the field of onomastics, linguistics, literary studies, social communication and other disciplines, which include in their scope the resources of micro- and macrotoponymy, such as cartography, geography, archivial science, ethnology, sociology and law.

The official languages of the congress will be Slavic and Romance languages, German and English.

We would like to cordially invite guests from abroad!

Information about the conference can be viewed at:


Date:     27-29 October 2012


The venue of the conference: the University Conference Centre in Lodz, Poland, Kopcińskiego 16/18.



  • The Faculty of Philology, University of Lodz: the Department of Polish Dialectology (The Institute of Polish Philology), the Department of History of Polish Language (The Institute of Polish Philology), The Department of Linguistics (The Institute of Russian Language), The Department of Romance Languages, The Department of Italianistics
  • The Onomastics Commission within the Committee on Linguistics of thePolishAcademyof Sciences
  • TheLodzScientific Society
  • TheLodzBranch of thePolishAcademyof Sciences
  • The Commission on Slavic Onomastics within The International Committee of Slavists



Prof. PhD. Sławomir Gala (UniversityofLodz) – Head of scientific committee

Prof. PhD. Artur Gałkowski (UniversityofLodz) – Head of organizing team

Prof. PhD. Elżbieta Umińska-Tytoń (UniversityofLodz)

Prof. PhD. Jan Sosnowski (UniversityofLodz)




Faculty of Philology

The Department of Romance Languages,UniversityofLodz

Sienkiewicza Street, 21

PL-90-114 Lodz

tel./fax: (+48)-42-6655150



Conference Secretaries:

PhD Renata Gliwa, e-mail:

MA Joanna Ozimska, e-mail:


Important Dates

31 May 2012, deadline for registration with or without paper presentation and abstract submission

30 June 2012, notification of acceptance

20 July 2012, the list of speakers will be announced

31 July 2012, accommodation reservations to be made by this date

31 August 2012, all conference fees due

30 September 2012, announcement of final program

27-29 October 2012, conference

31 December 2012, full manuscript submission deadline

2013-2014, post-conference publication